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Architectural Engineer

Department: Engineering & Estimation (Buildings)

Location: Gurugram

Employment: Full Time, Permanent

Experience: 7-8 years relevant work experience in shipbuilding deckhouse or offshore accommodation topsides, or related with an Engineering Degree. 10-12 years relevant work experience in shipbuilding deckhouse or offshore accommodation topsides, or related industries with an Engineering diploma

Qualifications: University Degree in Naval Architectural or equivalent


Purpose and Scope:
Architectural Engineer shall engineer and efficiently design company bids and projects as per relevant specifications and industrial standards.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Prepare and approve architectural & outfitting designs for living, working and operating spaces from a modular office to an offshore drilling platform / living quarter by applying internal codes and using functional, ergonomic, aesthetic, cultural, social, fire and safety principles to meet the statutory requirements of the installation.

Development and review of general arrangements, room layout, and detailed fabrication drawings incorporating equipment & services from electrical, fire & gas, piping & HVAC disciplines for use by engineers to provide a simple, quick and clash-free site installation.

Selection of appropriate materials, including fire rates decks, bulkheads, penetration, lining systems, furniture & paints using suitably selected and approved components which satisfy the project needs, typically hazardous marine environments in extreme weather areas, to ensure a safe & legal operating requirement.

Work closely with the structural, electrical, HVAC, and piping engineers in the placement of structural elements, equipment’s, services and future maintenance & handling considerations for easy installations and long-term operations by the end user.

Participate and purpose solutions as a part of HAZOP/HAZID studies related to the health and safety regulations and quality standards of the country in which work is undertaken to provide regulatory & statutory compliance and a safe design.

Development and review of Safety plans (Lifesaving and firefighting layouts), Escape plans, Muster plans, Fire protection plans.

Identify, suggest and implement new technologies using the latest industrial safety practices in order to enhance the marketability and sales potential of current and future products.

Review bid documents and provide technical back-up to Estimation Engineers by proposing economical solutions to win project.