Are you looking for an accommodation solution for your vessel?

People working offshore live in restricted spaces and away from their families for weeks or months at a time. During this time, they are exposed to complex living and working condition in a harsh working environment. However, thanks to today’s technologies, safety measures and other solutions, you can create safe and comfortable living and working environments for your employees. At Specialist Services, we are here to help you with various flexible accommodation solutions suitable for vessels, accommodation barges and floatels.

The Importance of a Safe and Comfortable Living Environment Offshore

Safety offshore should never be compromised. So, when choosing accommodation solutions for your vessels, you need to be sure your supplier is able to provide you with the best solution to keep your personnel safe. At Specialist Services, we take safety very seriously. In fact, all our accommodation and other modules are built to the latest marine requirements, using IMO Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) as the primary guideline, as well as ABS and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) or individual Flag statutes, among others, depending on project-specific requirements. Furthermore, all our offshore modules are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to every mobilization, which is especially important during this COVID-19 period.

At the same time, you also need to consider comfort. Our FLEX accommodation solutions incorporate higher levels of comfort whole meeting the stringent safety requirements offshore. Our FLEX series features the latest digital, communication and entertainment technology as a standard. Each bed includes an individual LCD TV with CAT 6, HDMI, USB and audio connectivity. USB ports are also available for mobile phone charging, as well as network sockets with Wi-Fi option for each room.

Limited footprint on your deck? Our experienced engineering team will be able to assist you in the placement of the modules on your deck based on the footprint available, including solutions for stacking modules, if required, with supporting structures (walkways, stairways) for easy accessibility.

Custom-built solutions required? Despite our wide range of modules available from stock in our Modular Hire fleet, as well as our full capabilities for modifications, you might still require a custom-built option. In this cases, we have in-house manufacturing capabilities to provide you with a fully customised solution, where everything is done in our facilities – from design, engineering, project management, fabrication and commissioning. Our turnkey in-house capabilities ensure that we are always in full control of the products, which we are custom-building for our clients.

Flexible Accommodation Solutions for Hire

We consider the harshest environmental conditions your people are exposed to when living and working offshore. Therefore, apart from being safe and reliable, all our units are flexible, linkable, upgradable and comfortable, and can therefore suit your exact project requirements.

With easy ‘plug & play’ hook-up, our Accommodation, Utility and Office Modules can be hired as single units or as a complete complex. All hook-up services are conveniently located at the recessed end of the module to make it efficient for installation and hook-up offshore. Units can be stacked up to 4 modules high, complemented by the modular walkway and stairwell solution developed by Specialist Services.

1 to 12 Man Accommodation Modules

All of our certified offshore Accommodation Modules are designed to provide longevity and low maintenance service in the most demanding locations, whilst meeting the necessary safety requirements for offshore use. All our Accommodation Modules are A60, ABS, DNV 2.7-1 and CSC Certified Safe Area and come as standard size of ISO 20ft and 33ft. However, we pride ourselves in our flexibility to provide other size solutions where required.

Designed to offer a flexible lay down solution with minimal footprint, our FLEX 33 Accommodation Modules can be hired as single units or as a complete complex with the central corridor easily linking the units. These units offer you a flexible bed space from 1 to 12 man, as w unit consists of a central corridor and two staterooms, accommodating 1 to 6 persons. Each stateroom provides distinctive floorplan flexibility including bunks, lockers and desk removal or addition to meet your project specific requirements for maximised space efficiency.

Adding Utility Modules

To complement our Accommodation Units, you can also add certified offshore temporary Utility Modules. These come as standard size of ISO 20ft, but with our flexibility, we can provide also other size solutions where required. In addition, internal fit outs can be designed to meet your project specific requirements. Our A60 offshore Utility Modules range includes: Kitchen and Dining Modules, Freezer and Chiller Modules, Laundry and Ablution Modules, as well as Recreation and Fitness Modules.

Use Our Office Modules for Your Working Requirements

To fully support your offshore operations, we also provide a range of A60 offshore Office Modules, from 10ft to 33ft, as well as NORSOK units. Each unit can be outfitted and modified to perform different functions that suit your specific needs and requirements. Engineered and manufactured in house to the highest industry standards, all our Office Modules are designed to optimise workspace efficiency, meet environment and acoustic requirements, and house your equipment and resources in a safe and comfortable environment.

Modular Walkway and Stairs System

For your Temporary Living Quarters (TLQ), you also need a safe and easy access to the various units. All of our Accommodation, Utility and Office Modules can be stacked together and linked through our walkway systems. With limited space available on your vessel, accommodation barge or floatel, and to ease transportation, we have developed a modular walkway and stairs system that can be transported in a 20ft container. Each piece can fit together to form different layouts, as per your requirements.







Full Turnkey Solution for Your Vessel Accommodation Requirements

For modular TLQ projects on vessels, we also provide supply and installation at your vessel, accommodation barge or floatel as a turnkey solution. Our teams have decades of experience and technical know-how in performing installation services in coordination with your personnel and other contractors on site. All of our certified offshore

accommodation modules and facility support modules are designed to provide longevity and low maintenance service.

Contact us for more information. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you with your upcoming requirements.