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Blast Buildings

A major explosion can occur without warning within oil, gas and petrochemical facilities. At Specialist Services we combine all the engineering behind the industry’s best successfully tested, Blast Buildings with the virtually unlimited amenities of a traditional brick and mortar office building.

We also have a rental fleet of Blast Resistant Modules ready for immediate deployment, which have a medium response rating, with 10 PSI at 200 msec. Engineered to our industry-leading safety specifications, each of our Blast Resistant Modules adheres to the requirements of API RP 753 and 752 and, applies a proven, successfully blast tested design.

Available for sale and hire

Specialist Services fleet of Blast Resistant Modules, available for sale and hire, includes modules of various sizes that serve diverse purposes, from refuge shelters and bunkers to office modules, laboratories, workshops and more. Offered in two widths (8ft and 12ft) and a variety of lengths, our Blast Resistant Modules can be configured to create virtually any structure you need. Our units provide you a quick and proven protection guaranteed to meet the needs of virtually any project—no matter how big.

Blast and ballistic protection

In addition to Blast Resistant Modules, we also provide government and military customers with a wide variety of structures for blast and ballistic protection and security at any threat level. Driven by our dedication to innovation, we stand alone in delivering turnkey solutions that raise the bar for personalisation and protection. Our standard range of Blast Resistant and Ballistic Resistant Modules includes:

  • Hardened Facilities
  • Robust Modular Buildings
  • Portable Storage Facilities
  • Portable Office Facilities
  • Security Buildings

With our Blast Resistant and Ballistic Resistant Modules we can provide you with bespoke designs and various layout options that meet your mission or site-specific requirements.

Complementary products

Modular Buildings

Our Modular Buildings range includes modules for hazardous and safe areas, as well as project-specific, customised modules based on client specifications

Office Modules, Laboratories, Workshops, Driller Control Rooms, ROV Control Rooms, Wireline / Slickline, MWD Modules, Analyser Shelters, Customised Modules…

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We can provide a number of Accommodation solutions to fit your specific requirements, from customised solutions to a standard range of Accommodation Modules

  • Accommodation Modules
  • Galley Modules
  • Dining Modules
  • Laundry Modules
  • Office Modules
  • Reefer Modules
  • Ablution Modules

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Technical Buildings

We have a market leading ability to provide blast rated, fire rated and non-rated buildings that securely house process critical electrical and electronic equipment

E-Houses, Electrical Skids, Control Rooms, Local Equipment Rooms, Substation Modules, Remote Instrument Enclosures, energy Storage Enclosures, Datacentres, Skid Packages and Trailer Mounted Packages

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