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Modular Solutions for Data Centres

Specialist Services, a Centurion company, offers innovative plug and play modular DfMA (Design for Manufacture & Assembly) solutions for technology / Data Centre sector. With an established base and project completion for many prestigious technology infrastructure companies, we have a proven track record to develop and apply modular customized solutions to the most complex projects.

We offer complete design and procurement, fabrication, testing, and supply of DfMA modules from our UAE based facilities. We have a complete in-house team of multidisciplinary engineers and highly competent fabricators, which enable us to deliver customized and innovative solutions on time and in line with the highest quality standards.

We can design, deliver, and install a variety of modules, from small to large scale projects. Our strategically located manufacturing facilities within UAE enable us to economically ship the units across the MENA region. The DfMA approach adopted by our team facilitates a smoother, faster, and cost-effective assembly process, leading to lower costs and minimising major site work and maintenance requirements.

The manufacturing of the modules requires an adept understanding of thermal dynamics and efficiency. Leveraging on our extensive experience in delivering similar modules to our energy industry customers, our team applies their expertise in high-pressure systems and complex assembly to create modules with high-quality chilled water lines, electrical cable trays, and intricate valve systems, all meeting the rigorous standards of the data centre environment.

Till date, we have successfully delivered over 2,000 fully engineered, plug & play modular Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA) modules for significant and complex data centre facilities within UAE.

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