Lightbulb with a tree growing inside in field. Environment or energy concept background

Environment Management and Sustainability

Protect the environment for a better tomorrow

Climate change, energy crisis, depletion of natural resources, waste management and increasing pollution of land, water and air is affecting the way we live and do business. Environmental legislations and protocols are driving our actions to make improvements in the workplace and preserve a higher quality of living and working conditions.

Environmental protection is a fundamental business endeavour at Specialist Services. We make every effort to nurture the environment, preserve natural resources and minimise the impact of our products, activities and services on the environment. Our culture of environmental responsibility makes us think creatively, constantly innovate and be more efficient.

Our Environment Management initiatives are based on systematic environmental impact assessments, which form the basis of our Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001:2015 standard.

We constantly communicate about the importance of environmental protection to our people, contractors and other stakeholders. We use resources and energy in a responsible manner and reuse or recycle where possible. We are committed to manage waste effectively, prevent pollution, use environmentally friendly material and apply our technical abilities to reduce our environmental footprint, particularly in the design and engineering of our products.

With our “Green Products Initiative” we aim to integrate sustainable approaches, materials and systems into our products and services, so that the post-delivery impact on the environment due to our products and services is also minimized.