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Accommodation Buildings

Providing safe and comfortable living environments, we cater to any accommodation, living quarters, oilfield camps and infrastructure requirement for application onshore and offshore. From outfitting and refurbishment to living quarters extension and fast track new offshore living quarters, Specialist Services offers you full turnkey solutions for your accommodation needs.

We take safety very seriously and therefore all our modules are built to the latest marine requirements using IMO Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) as the primary guideline, but also using other guidelines such as ABS and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) or individual Flag statutes dependent upon client requirements.

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Living Quarters

Specialist Services has an extensive engineering and design capability that can support a variety of Living Quarters solutions. These include integrated fabrication as part of the overall platform fabrication, to single lift block builds in our own facility and modular builds for optimal transport and rapid installation. We can provide a complete design, engineering, procurement, construction and installation provision to maximize our range of expertise and in-house products, ensuring the most cost effective and timely execution of your project. We can cater to various client requirements – be it new living quarters, extension of existing living quarters, temporary living quarters or refurbishment of existing living quarters.

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FLEX 20, 32 and 33Accommodation Modules

Experience luxury living offshore with our FLEX 20, 32 and 33 Accommodation Modules compliant with the stringent ABS code. Each module consists of a central corridor and one to three staterooms staterooms, each accommodating 1 to 6 persons. The whole unit can accommodate up to 12 men providing distinctive floorplan flexibility including bunks, lockers and desk removal or addition to meet your project specific requirements for maximised space efficiency.

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Marine Certified Accommodation

Whilst we offer customised, individually engineered solutions, we also have a standard range of modules for a faster delivery. These include ISO 20ft, 40ft and 45ft modules, or ABS certified 33ft modules, which come in a range of layouts. Many of these can be bought from stock and provide a flexible solution as they can be combined into larger complexes, ideal for rigs and vessels. Specialist Services standard range of modules includes: Accommodation modules, Galley modules, Dining modules, Laundry modules, Office modules, Reefer modules, and Ablution modules. Additionally, a standard design of walkways and stairs can be purchased for easy access to these modules.

With 42 years of experience in the industry, Specialist Services is ideally placed to advise you on a number of solutions to fit your specific accommodation requirements. Whether you require lightweight, multi-storied, cantilevered, hazardous / safe area, J, H or A class, arctic / tropical adapted, full living quarter complexes or single modules, we have the experience and knowledge to create and provide the answer.

FLEX 32 and 33 are compliant with the stringent ABS code and can be installed on all ABS-classed vessels worldwide. This new generation of flexible and reliable modules will keep your personnel comfortable and safe in all global locations. In line with ABS and other international certification and safety requirements, the modules can be stacked up to 4 levels on floating installations and on a fixed platform, with the central corridor easily linking the units.

Engineering Hire or sale

Complementary products

Modular Buildings

Our Modular Buildings range includes modules for hazardous and safe areas, as well as project-specific, customised modules based on client specifications

Office Modules, Laboratories, Workshops, Driller Control Rooms, ROV Control Rooms, Wireline / Slickline, MWD Modules, Analyser Shelters, Customised Modules…

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Technical Buildings

We have a market leading ability to provide blast rated, fire rated and non-rated buildings that securely house process critical electrical and electronic equipment

E-Houses, Electrical Skids, Control Rooms, Local Equipment Rooms, Substation Modules, Remote Instrument Enclosures, energy Storage Enclosures, Datacentres, Skid Packages and Trailer Mounted Packages

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Blast Buildings

We provide customised solutions and a standard range of Blast Buildings with the virtually unlimited amenities of a traditional brick and mortar office buildings.

Blast Buildings include modules of various sizes that serve diverse purposes, from refuge shelters and bunkers to office buildings, laboratories, workshops and more.

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