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Health and Safety Management

Health and Safety awareness saves lives

At Specialist Services, investment in health and safety is an essential element of our business. We are committed to ensure the health and safety of our people, contractors and other stakeholders. Health and safety initiatives are being undertaken to comply with applicable regulations and to establish their own high standards. We integrate our health and safety aspects into our business decisions, plans and operations. Our philosophy is based on the principle that all incidents can be prevented. Our objective is to provide an incident and injury free workplace to our employees and visitors.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance considerations are at the heart of what Specialist Services does, across all regions and all sectors. We have a robust competence assurance framework in place for all staff and effective controls to manage health and safety based on a systematic risk assessment of our activities, products and services. Our Health and Safety Management System is certified to ISO 45001:2018 standard.

We supply products and services in a safe and sustainable manner because we firmly believe that this is the right way to do business. Our integrated HSE Policy has the commitment of our executive management team and is signed by our CEO. We communicate and promote this policy to all employees, contractors, clients and visitors. Our HSE team coordinates with managers across all departments to develop specific programs tailored to meet local needs aligned with corporate goals.