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Specialist Services, a Centurion company, specialises in providing cutting-edge solutions for military and government requirements. With a steadfast focus on modular construction, expeditionary basing, and deployable infrastructure, we are dedicated to creating innovative environments that meet the unique demands of our customer’s missions.

Our team of experts leverages decades of experience to design and deliver solutions that ensure operational efficiency and safety, even in the most challenging environments. Whether it's a forward operating base, deployable command centre, or complex weapon magazine, we stand ready to deliver solutions that exceed your expectations.

In collaboration with military and government agencies worldwide, we have honed our expertise to provide turnkey solutions that enable rapid deployment and effective mission execution. With a commitment to excellence and an unwavering focus on quality, Specialist Services is your trusted partner in delivering the infrastructure that projects capability, ensuring that your armed forces are equipped with the best resources to accomplish their vital missions. Explore our portfolio and discover how we're revolutionizing defense infrastructure through innovation and precision.

Feature - Modular Construction

Modular Construction

Specialist Services is a leader in offsite and modular construction for custom facilities used on military and government facilities globally. With a vertically integrated offering, we provide turnkey solutions with an experienced in-house team providing the full capabilities needed for project delivery including site studies, engineering, design, manufacturing, site preparation and installation.

Feature - Contingency Basing

Contingency Basing

We design and manufacturer camp solutions to support contingency, expeditionary and stability operations for militaries and governments. Our turnkey solutions include accommodation, kitchens, sanitation, laundry, waste treatment, water treatment and storage, and power generation.

Feature - Deployable Infrastructure

Deployable Infrastructure

We design, manufacture, test, and support technical infrastructure that facilitates the deployment of military capabilities on a global scale. We support deployed forces with robust, scalable, and simple to deploy solutions including workshops, forward repair facilities, C4ISR shelters, magazines, storage, temporary power and more.

Complementary products

Modular Buildings

Our Modular Buildings range includes modules for hazardous and safe areas, as well as project-specific, customised modules based on client specifications

Office Modules, Laboratories, Workshops, Driller Control Rooms, ROV Control Rooms, Wireline / Slickline, MWD Modules, Analyser Shelters, Customised Modules…

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We can provide a number of Accommodation solutions to fit your specific requirements, from customised solutions to a standard range of Accommodation Modules

  • Accommodation Modules
  • Galley Modules
  • Dining Modules
  • Laundry Modules
  • Office Modules
  • Reefer Modules
  • Ablution Modules

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Blast Buildings

We provide customised solutions and a standard range of Blast Buildings with the virtually unlimited amenities of a traditional brick and mortar office buildings.

Blast Buildings include modules of various sizes that serve diverse purposes, from refuge shelters and bunkers to office buildings, laboratories, workshops and more.

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