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Fluid Management and Recycling

Specialist Services, a Centurion company, provides innovative Fluid Management and Recycling Solutions that put environmental stewardship and operational efficiency at the forefront. These solutions help our clients manage and recycle fluids more effectively, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

Our Fluid Management Solutions include the collection, treatment, and disposal of waste fluids, as well as the purification and recycling of usable fluids. By integrating cutting-edge treatment technologies and recycling methods, we ensure that fluids are handled in compliance with environmental regulations and industry best practices.

In addition to reducing the ecological footprint, our Recycling Solutions offer cost savings by decreasing the need for fresh fluid purchases and the associated handling costs. Whether for drilling, testing, production, or processing, Specialist Services is dedicated to delivering systems that not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of energy sector projects.

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Produced Water Treatment Facilities

Specialist Services provides engineered solutions to meet our clients’ requirements for water handling during fracturing, production, disposal and enhanced oil recovery, in compliance with high quality standards. Our Produced Water Treatment Facilities range includes: Hydrocyclones Skids, Gas Floatation Units and IGF Vessels, Degassers and Coalescer Filters.

Complementary products

Drilling and Testing

Complete range of engineered pressure control solutions and well testing equipment designed and manufactured in line with the most stringent energy industry specifications.

UBD and MPD Packages, Mud Tank Systems, Drilling Manifolds, Separators, Surge Tanks, Water Bath Heaters, Steam Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Burner Heads and Burner Booms, Flares, Oil and Gas Diverter Manifolds, Choke Manifolds, Surface Safety Valves (SSV), Data Headers, Knock Out Drums, Trailer Mounted Packages, Piping Packages, High Pressure Piping, Sand Management Packages, Steam Boilers…

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Specialist Services provides a complete package of Early Production Facilities (EPF) that enables customers to bring wells on production faster.

Our EPF facilitate long-term data acquisition and analysis of produced fluid flow, pressure and temperature and assist you in the long-term planning for a permanent installation.

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Midstream and Downstream

We can deliver a number of midstream and downstream equipment solutions that provide our customers with certified, flexible, and cost-effective equipment solutions.

Crude Oil Production Facilities, Gas Compression and Dehydration Facilities, Produced Water Treatment Facilities, Gas Conditioning Skids, Pig Launchers and Receivers, Pressure Vessels, Chemical Injection Packages, Oil and Gas Metering Skid Packages, Multi-Select Manifold Skids, Inlet Manifolds, Pressure Reduction Skids, Modular Solutions (PAR and PAU)…

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