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Repairs, Retrofit and Upgrades

Specialist Services, a Centurion company, provides Repair, Retrofit and Upgrade services that are at the forefront of the energy sector. We cater to a broad range of energy equipment packages, including those used in drilling, testing, production, and processing.

Our expertise encompasses comprehensive diagnostic assessments, repair of critical components, retrofitting with the latest technology, and upgrades to enhance performance and extend the lifespan of your equipment. Whether you require routine maintenance or complex modifications, our solutions are designed to increase operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce downtime.

Vessel and Column Repair Services

  • R Stamp and NIBC Code services
  • Equipment internals modification and installation
  • Shell, head, and nozzles repair and replacement
  • Inspection of pressure parts.

Heat Exchanger Repair Services

  • R Stamp and NIBC Code services
  • Retubing and tube plugging
  • Shell, channels, and nozzles repair and replacement
  • Inspection of pressure parts.

Piping Services

  • Modifications
  • Engineering services (stress analysis, residual engineering, detailed engineering).

E&I Services

  • Instrument installation
  • Loop test
  • Continuity check
  • Contrail valve operations check
  • Cable conduit and cable tray laying.

Engineering Services

  • Plant and equipment engineering
  • Process (HMB’s, equipment and line sizing, relief valve sizing, hydraulic calculations, pump selections, SETTLE out calculations, depressurising study)
  • Mechanical (process equipment & piping)
  • Structure (In-place Analysis, Lifting Analysis, Stress Analysis)
  • E&I (cable tray routing, JB wiring diagram, cable schedules, I/O List, instrument index, hookup diagrams)
  • 3D modeling
  • Detailing (P&ID, PFD, UFD & cause & effect diagram).

Complementary products

Drilling and Testing

Complete range of engineered pressure control solutions and well testing equipment designed and manufactured in line with the most stringent energy industry specifications.

UBD and MPD Packages, Mud Tank Systems, Drilling Manifolds, Separators, Surge Tanks, Water Bath Heaters, Steam Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Burner Heads and Burner Booms, Flares, Oil and Gas Diverter Manifolds, Choke Manifolds, Surface Safety Valves (SSV), Data Headers, Knock Out Drums, Trailer Mounted Packages, Piping Packages, High Pressure Piping, Sand Management Packages, Steam Boilers…

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Midstream and Downstream

We can deliver a number of midstream and downstream equipment solutions that provide our customers with certified, flexible, and cost-effective equipment solutions.

Crude Oil Production Facilities, Gas Compression and Dehydration Facilities, Produced Water Treatment Facilities, Gas Conditioning Skids, Pig Launchers and Receivers, Pressure Vessels, Chemical Injection Packages, Oil and Gas Metering Skid Packages, Multi-Select Manifold Skids, Inlet Manifolds, Pressure Reduction Skids, Modular Solutions (PAR and PAU)…

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Modular Solutions for Data Centres

Specialist Services offers innovative plug and play modular DfMA (Design for Manufacture & Assembly) solutions for technology / Data Cener sector.

We have a complete in-house team of multidisciplinary engineers and highly competent fabricators, which enable us to deliver customized and innovative solutions on time and in line with the highest quality standards.

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