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Specialist Services, a Centurion company, provides a complete package of Early Production Facilities (EPF) that enables customers to bring wells on production faster. Our EPF facilitate long-term data acquisition and analysis of produced fluid flow, pressure and temperature and assist you in the long-term planning for a permanent installation.

We are your one-stop shop for complete EPF, including electrical, instrumentation and package automation, designed to withstand high H2S and CO2 conditions. Within our EPF are also included utilities important for operation, such as offices, workshops, laboratories, control cabin, generators, compressors, and tanks.

With a strong in-house expertise in engineering, design, fabrication, and packaging, we are able to provide you with a complete range of EPF with capacities ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 BBL/day.

Built as modular units for easy installation and mobility, our EPF solutions are reliable, robust, and compliant to the highest industry standards, and more importantly, they are scalable to increased production capabilities.

Complementary products

Drilling and Testing

Complete range of engineered pressure control solutions and well testing equipment designed and manufactured in line with the most stringent energy industry specifications.

UBD and MPD Packages, Mud Tank Systems, Drilling Manifolds, Separators, Surge Tanks, Water Bath Heaters, Steam Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Burner Heads and Burner Booms, Flares, Oil and Gas Diverter Manifolds, Choke Manifolds, Surface Safety Valves (SSV), Data Headers, Knock Out Drums, Trailer Mounted Packages, Piping Packages, High Pressure Piping, Sand Management Packages, Steam Boilers…

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Midstream and Downstream

We can deliver a number of midstream and downstream equipment solutions that provide our customers with certified, flexible, and cost-effective equipment solutions.

Crude Oil Production Facilities, Gas Compression and Dehydration Facilities, Produced Water Treatment Facilities, Gas Conditioning Skids, Pig Launchers and Receivers, Pressure Vessels, Chemical Injection Packages, Oil and Gas Metering Skid Packages, Multi-Select Manifold Skids, Inlet Manifolds, Pressure Reduction Skids, Modular Solutions (PAR and PAU)…

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Fluid Management and Recycling

We provide innovative Fluid Management and Recycling Solutions to help our clients manage and recycle fluids more effectively, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

Our Fluid Management and Recycling Solutions include Fluid Management Solutions, Recycling Solutions, and Produced Water Treatment Facilities.

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