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Specialist Services Well Testing Equipment is designed to suit the complete range of API Crude with the most stringent specifications. Our design not only includes process and mechanical design but also the operability, accessibility, maintainability, quality, integrity and safety of the equipment and environment around it.



Our standard Separator equipment covers various pressure ratings from 150psi to 5,000psi and various flow rates (10,000 BPD to 30,000 BPD) for different applications with in-house process design backup. We stock all necessary ancillaries to manufacture up to 10 separators from stock material as well as keeping standard 1440, 2160 psi 42”x10’ and 42”x15’ units ready for short notice mounting within a certified 20’, 30’ and 40’ CSC or DNV frame or skid.

Surge Tank 01

Surge Tanks

Specialist Services standard design Surge Tanks are usually stocked for immediate or short delivery time requirements. Tanks are either single or dual compartment, depending on client specific requirements, and available in various pressure ratings from 50psi to 250psi and from 40BBL to 200BBL capacity. Depending on the size, the unit can be mounted within a certified 20’ CSC, 40’ CSC and DNV certified frame for convenient and economical shipping.


Water Bath Heaters and Steam Heat Exchangers

We provide various types of Water Bath Heaters and Steam Heat Exchangers developed for a variety of pressure and temperature ratings. Specialist Services provide standard products with typical ratings of 5,000psi to 15,000psi pressure ratings with nominal heat transfer capacity of 2 to 6 MMBtu/hr, mounted in 20’ or 30’ CSC or DNV certified frames or base skids. Higher duty heaters can be designed and supplied on request.

Tank 00wm


Specialist Services Tanks vary in size and specifications, and are available in single and double skinned rectangular or cylindrical options for utility and process services. Sizes vary from 500ltrs to 500BBL and can be built as skids or as trailer mounted and compliant with ISO 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft CSC specifications.

Burner Boom 01

Burner Heads and Burner Booms

Specialist Services Burner Booms are typically manufactured in one, two or three sections with lengths varying from 30’, 60’ to 90’. However, longer booms can be designed and manufactured based on client specific requirements for both horizontal and vertical racking.

Flare Stack 01


Our Flare stacks are sized based upon required flow rates. Self-erecting Flare stacks can be supplied in both certified DNV skid or trolley mounted arrangement. Our standard design has a proven track record that provides smokeless burn for all types of produced hydrocarbons.

Diverter Manifold 00wm

Oil and Gas Diverter Manifolds

We design and manufacture various types of Manifolds that divert oil or gas without flow interruption from the separator to burners, to a tank for measurement or storage, or to a production line. 3 and 5 way 5,000psi and 10,000psi Diverter Manifolds are our regular supply. However, we can also design and manufacture Diverter Manifolds with pressure configurations of 15,000psi and higher.

Choke Manifold 01wm

Choke Manifolds

Choke Manifolds can be provided in pressure ratings from 5,000psi to 15,000psi or more when required, and are available in various DVN certified skid configurations.

SSV 01wm

Surface Safety Valves (SSV)

Our SSV prevents overpressure conditions on downstream equipment and has a fails safe remote activation and automatic well closure when loss of control pressure occurs.

Data Header 01wm

Data Headers

Data Headers can be configured with a compact, adaptable design to suit your well test requirements, and include connections compatible with Choke Manifolds and SSV.

Knock Out Drum 01

Knock Out Drums

Our Knock Out Drums are available in different sizes, with pressure ratings from 1440psi to 2160psi and mounted in certified skids. Easy to install and maintain, Knock Out Drums can be configured in either a horizontal or vertical arrangement and include secure pressure monitors and high quality sealing.

Trailer Mounted Package 01

Trailer Mounted Packages

Specialist Services standardised well testing Trailer Mounted Packages range includes 5K / 10K Process Trailer (goose-neck, low bed), 5K / 10K Process and Utility Trailer, Utility Trailer (20’/30’/40’), Rectangular / Cylindrical Storage Tank and Frac Tank (500BBL / 600BBL). Apart from our standard trailer design, we can provide bespoke design and manufacturing solutions for Trailer Mounted Packages based on your specific requirements.

High Pressure Piping

High Pressure Pipe Spools (of up to 15,000psi) fabrication is carried out based on client requirements with hammer unions, API 6A flanges and mounted in certified DNV baskets.

Sand Management Packages

Specialist Services manufactures Sand Management Packages required at different process stages based on sand separation efficiency and sand particle distribution. Our Debris Catchers, Sand Traps, Dual Port Sand Filters, Desanders with Accumulator, and Sand Separators are available in base skids and certified CSC or DNV frame configurations.

Steam Boilers

Our Steam Boilers deliver the best possible conditions for meeting specific client requirements in a broad range of applications. Our long experience in design and manufacture of Steam Boilers ensures outstanding quality and provides a high level of operational reliability and a long service life. Our Steam Boilers range varies from 2TPH to 8TPH mounted in certified DNV skids.

Engineering Final Product

Complementary products


Complete range of engineered pressure control solutions to safely manage the pressure barrier in the well, ensure wellbore integrity and drill more efficiently.

UBD / MPD Packages, Mud Tank Systems, Drilling Manifolds, Burner Heads, Burner Booms, Flares, Piping Packages, Trailer Mounted Packages…

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Specialist Services provides a complete package of Early Production Facilities (EPF) that enables customers to bring wells on production faster.

Crude Oil Production Facilities, Gas Compression and Dehydration Facilities, Produced Water Treatment Facilities

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Process Packages

Based on our in-house capabilities we can deliver a number of Process Packages that provide our clients with certified, flexible and cost effective equipment solutions.

Oil and Gas Conditioning Skids, Pig Launchers and Receivers, Produced Water Treatment Packages, Oil and Gas Metering Skids, Chemical Injection Packages, Chilled Water Systems for Data Centres…

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