Specialist Services Employees Provide Technical Expertise for Key Industry Publication

We are pleased to share with you a recent key technical paper co-authored by Natalie Chee, Regional Sales Manager and Rosario Bangit, Senior Structural Engineer at Specialist Services – part of Centurion Middle East & North Africa.

The paper – entitled Blast Resistant Refuge Modules in Hazardous Environments – was presented during the 14th International Conference on Shock & Impact Loads on Structures in Singapore in March. Natalie and Rosario were requested to contribute to this important paper due to their extensive and demonstrated industry experience.











As specialists in the provision of cutting-edge, safety-driven blast resistant modules to customers in the global critical industries, Specialist Services is proud that this paper will play an important role in the future development and innovation of blast resistant modules.

The success of Centurion is our people, and we recognize our team of global experts that make tangible and meaningful contributions to the industries we serve.

Read the abstract for Blast Resistant Refuge Modules in Hazardous Environments.

Technical Article about blast protection published in Hydrocarbon Engineering

Blast Protection

Despite the challenging economic situation since 2008, with a further downturn in the oil & gas industry in 2013, we have seen a continuous progress in the blast-resistance industry. Even though blast-resistant modular buildings design and engineering advances, there are still gaps related to certification, regulation and blast testing guidelines.

In this technical article, Natasa Kobal, Marketing and Communications Manager, speaks to Hydrocarbon Engineering exploring the best industry practices and options available to protect people and assets from blast in oil, gas and petrochemical plants. Read the full article at: https://d1tp9je03a4iqr.cloudfront.net/flip/hydrocarbon-engineering/2018/March/d13f4fJ.html#26
Even though in some cases facilities are well run and undergo regular checks and improvements, a major blast could occur without warning for various reasons. It is, therefore, important to take all the necessary precautions in order to minimise risks and ensure blast protection.


There are still no official regulations covering the requirements related to blast-resistant buildings. As such, it is important to select effective providers of blast-resistant buildings, which have introduced their own high standards to ensure personnel and assets safety in case of a blast. Engineered to our industry-leading safety specifications, each RedGuard Specialist Services blast-resistant module adheres to the requirements of API RP 753 and API RP 752 and applies a proven, successfully blast tested design.