Specialist Services Group encouraging vendors to reduce product packaging volumes

Environmental protection is a fundamental business endeavour at Specialist Services Group. We make every effort to nurture the environment, preserve natural resources and minimise the impact of our products, activities and services on the environment. We constantly communicate about the importance of environmental protection to our people, business partners and other stakeholders.

Our environment management initiatives are based on systematic environmental impact assessments, which form the basis of our Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001:2015 standard. We use resources and energy in a responsible manner and reuse or recycle wherever possible. We are committed to manage waste effectively, prevent pollution, use environmentally friendly material and apply our technical abilities for the reduction of our environmental footprint, particularly in the design and engineering of our products.

Following the recent upgrade of our Environmental Management System to the 2015 standard, we are committed to further reducing our company’s impact on the environment by asking all our vendors for their support in reducing, reusing and recycling their products packaging and other materials.

For this purpose, we are currently sending a letter to all our vendors to motivate and encourage them to support this initiative, aimed to increase our efforts in protecting the environment and preserve natural resources.

But this is just a small part of all we can do to protect our environment. We look forward to our vendors’ support in this initiative, and encourage each and every one of you to also think about all the opportunities you have at work and at home to reduce waste, preserve natural resources and protect the environment.

Don’t wait for others to take the first step. Take action now!