Supporting Both Black and Green Energy

For decades, at Specialist Services, we have delivered our certified offshore Accommodation and Workspace modules to support oil and gas installations globally, from the world’s coldest to hottest regions, and in different tough and challenging environments.

Offshore wind is a relatively new sector in the offshore family, but this does not make it any less important to ensure that all offshore personnel are able to work offshore in comfortable and safe conditions. And we have just the right solutions.

The similarities between the offshore oil and offshore wind sectors, result in sharing the same stringent requirements. With our wide range of offshore-tested and proven, certified modules, we are here to assist you in the safe and comfortable placement of your personnel and equipment offshore.

Accommodation Solutions

While working on offshore renewables sites, your people face harsh environmental conditions. Understanding these challenges, we provide safe, comfortable and reliable accommodation solutions with our flexible, linkable and upgradable Accommodation Modules, complemented by our Utility Modules.

All our modular buildings are designed to provide longevity and low maintenance services, and are certified for offshore operations. Our Accommodation Modules offer flexible bed space from 1 to 12 man, with standard sizes of ISO 20ft and 33ft. However, other sizes are also available depending upon your requirements.

Designed to provide a flexible lay down solution, our Accommodation and Utility Modules can be hired as single units or as a complete complex. With easy ‘plug & play’ hook-up, the units can be stacked up to 4 modules high, and also complemented by the Specialist Services’ modular walkway and stairwell solution.

Workspace Solutions

With our range of A60 offshore Office Modules, from 10ft to 33ft, and NORSOK units, as well as our Workshop Modules range, from 10ft to 20ft, we can fully support your offshore renewables site operations.

Assuring flexibility, our Office and Workshop Modules can be outfitted and modified in line with your functional needs and requirements, while optimising workspace efficiency. Engineered and manufactured by Specialist Services meeting the highest industry standards, these units are designed to support your operations and safely house your equipment and resources.

Full Turnkey Solutions for Your Renewables Sites

Whether you require a permanent or temporary solution, for our modular TLQ projects we also provide supply and installation at your offshore renewables site as a turnkey solution. Our teams have decades of experience and technical know-how in performing installation services in coordination with your personnel and other contractors on site.

We know what we are doing. With one of the world’s largest A60 Modular Hire fleets and over 38 years of experience in the industry, Specialist Services is ideally placed to support you and advise you on a number of solutions to suit your permanent or temporary offshore accommodation requirements.

Contact us for more information. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you with your requirements.