U.S. Air Force Mobile Guard Houses

Specialist Services has successfully completed the Ballistically Protected Guard Houses project

The U.S. Air Force Europe’s 48th Security Forces Squadron based at RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom, selected Specialist Services, a Centurion company, to deliver twenty-two ballistically protected mobile guard houses.

Each defensive position includes a 1.5m x 1.5m guard cabin, specially designed to be capable of withstanding armor-piercing ammunition. They feature defensive ring ports offering 360-degree coverage, integrated security spot lighting, and a trailer for easy deployment throughout the installation.

These units are designed to elevate the 48 SFS defensive capabilities and effectiveness, ensuring they can more safely fulfil their role as the integrated base defense force for the installation.

Key Features

  • 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.3m
  • NIJ Level IV ballistic protection
  • 4# viewing windows
  • 8# weapon ports
  • Integrated folding steps for elevated mounting locations
  • 360° spot light coverage
  • Holding down positions for trailer

U.S. Air Force Deployable Field Armory

Specialist Services has successfully completed the 13’ x 8’ x 8’ Deployable Field Armory project

The U.S. Air Force’s 33rd Rescue Squadron based at Kadena Air Base, Japan, selected Specialist Services, a Centurion company, to supply a deployable field armory.

The armory is constructed of ¼” steel and proprietary security panels that provide secure storage for up to 200 weapons and associated equipment. The armory is complete with environmental controls, including air conditioning and dehumidifying, exterior weapon mounts and maintenance tables, and a NAPEC rated security HASP.

The armory is highly mobile and has a tare weight of only 9000lb, which
enables deployment via C-130 or MTVR.

Key Features

  • 13’ x 8’ x 8’
  • LPS 1175 SR3 security rating
  • 9000lb tare weight
  • C-130 and MTVR Transportable
  • Exterior weapon mounts for maintenance
  • Integrated environmental controls
  • Flexible weapon racks