U.S. Army Common Base Shelters

Specialist Services has successfully completed the 20’ x 8’ 3-1 Expandable Shelters for US Army project

The US Army’s 405th Army Field Support Brigade Tele-Maintenance and Distribution Cell-Ukraine (TDC-U) selected Specialist Services, a Centurion company, to provide 3-1 expandable shelters to support their mission.

When deployed, each ISO container-based expandable shelter provides 475sqft of usable internal space and is complete with small power, data and comms. The shelters were configured to facilitate the sustainment of weapon systems being operated on the frontline in Ukraine, via remote, encrypted communication systems.

As an urgent operational requirement, we manufactured and delivered seven units in only seven weeks.

Key Features

  • ISO 668 1CC size (20’ x 8’)
  • 3-1 (double-sided) expandable shelters
  • Air transportable
  • 15-minute set up time
  • 400V 50Hz
  • 24,000 BTU heating / cooling
  • Levelling jacks

U.S. Air Force Mobile Guard Houses

Specialist Services has successfully completed the Ballistically Protected Guard Houses project

The U.S. Air Force Europe’s 48th Security Forces Squadron based at RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom, selected Specialist Services, a Centurion company, to deliver twenty-two ballistically protected mobile guard houses.

Each defensive position includes a 1.5m x 1.5m guard cabin, specially designed to be capable of withstanding armor-piercing ammunition. They feature defensive ring ports offering 360-degree coverage, integrated security spot lighting, and a trailer for easy deployment throughout the installation.

These units are designed to elevate the 48 SFS defensive capabilities and effectiveness, ensuring they can more safely fulfil their role as the integrated base defense force for the installation.

Key Features

  • 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.3m
  • NIJ Level IV ballistic protection
  • 4# viewing windows
  • 8# weapon ports
  • Integrated folding steps for elevated mounting locations
  • 360° spot light coverage
  • Holding down positions for trailer

U.S. Air Force Deployable Field Armory

Specialist Services has successfully completed the 13’ x 8’ x 8’ Deployable Field Armory project

The U.S. Air Force’s 33rd Rescue Squadron based at Kadena Air Base, Japan, selected Specialist Services, a Centurion company, to supply a deployable field armory.

The armory is constructed of ¼” steel and proprietary security panels that provide secure storage for up to 200 weapons and associated equipment. The armory is complete with environmental controls, including air conditioning and dehumidifying, exterior weapon mounts and maintenance tables, and a NAPEC rated security HASP.

The armory is highly mobile and has a tare weight of only 9000lb, which
enables deployment via C-130 or MTVR.

Key Features

  • 13’ x 8’ x 8’
  • LPS 1175 SR3 security rating
  • 9000lb tare weight
  • C-130 and MTVR Transportable
  • Exterior weapon mounts for maintenance
  • Integrated environmental controls
  • Flexible weapon racks

Secure Working Environments

Specialist Services has successfully completed the 10’ x 8’ x 8’6” Secure Working Environments project

The United Nations awarded Specialist Services, a Centurion company, a contract to provide four 10’ x 8’ ballistically protected secure working environments.

The ISO container-based units serve as cashier’s offices and support the United Nation’s Multi-dimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic.

Meticulously designed for enhanced security and functionality, the units are set to play a critical role in humanitarian operations. The ballistically-protected design ensures the safety of aid workers and the secure distribution of essential supplies in regions with elevated risk profiles.

Key Features

  • 10’ x 8’ x 8’6” ISO Containers
  • NIJ Level III ballistic protection
  • Document transaction drawer
  • Secure vestibule
  • Two workstations
  • Internal cash safe
  • Integrated HVAC
  • 360° security camera coverage

RF Shielded Deployable Magazine

Specialist Services has successfully completed the 20′ x 8′ RF Shielded Deployable Magazine project

Specialist Services, a Centurion company, was contracted to manufacture and deliver a 20’ x 8’ deployable magazine to a NATO country. The magazine was designed to comply with multiple international standards and specifications including CFR 555.208, DOD’s Manual 4145, 26M, ER 2014, and ATEX.

The magazine was complete with electromagnetic protection at 25dB in the 1 to 12 GHz range, external motion sensor light, internal Ex lighting, lighten-ing protection, a high security door, integrated access ramp, and bullet-resis-tant external envelope.

The unit can be deployed by commercial or military transportation including RMMV HX or MAN EPLS.

Key Features

  • ISO 668 1CC size (20’ x 8’)
  • CSC Certified
  • CE Marked
  • 27 CFR 555.208 Bullet-Resistant Design
  • 25dB at 1-12GHz Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Ex Lighting

Labtech offers enhanced refurbishment services from new premises in Dyce

In response to improving market conditions in the Oil & Gas Industry and following an increasing demand for Modular Buildings rental and support services, Labtech Services Limited has relocated its facilities in Aberdeen, with enhanced refurbishment services.

“This change marks another important milestone at Labtech and Specialist Services Group. The currently improving market conditions in the industry are reflected in an increased demand for modular building rentals, service, maintenance and refurbishment works, as well as new builds. During the past two years, Labtech has been focused mainly on providing Modular Hire units for rental and service works, and in response to increased demands has now relocated to a larger facility in Aberdeen, from where we can offer enhanced refurbishment services to our clients,” said Ian Rogers, Chief Executive Officer at Specialist Services Group.

The new facility is located in The Bond Building on Howemoss Drive, Kirkhill Industrial Estate, Dyce, and includes office space for the Labtech team, a workshop and a yard for our Modular Hire fleet storage, refurbishment, recertification and modification works.


“We already have the highest specification and newest Office Module fleet available anywhere in Europe and to support the increased demand we are experiencing for our Modular Hire units, we are expanding our fleet in Aberdeen, including our fully ABS compliant FLEX 33 Accommodation Modules. Our Modular Hire fleet, along with our service capabilities covering HVAC, F-GAS, ATEX and IECEx recertification, will now also be complemented by refurbishment works, which represents an exciting next step in Labtech’s development. In addition, Labtech will continue to deliver new build solutions to our client base manufactured at our Group facility in Dubai, ensuring internationally compliant products at commercially competitive costs,” said Chris Ridley, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Specialist Services Group.

The facility relocation will bring significant benefits to Labtech and Specialist Services Group by providing sought after Modular Hire units at competitive rates for immediate delivery, responsive call out service and maintenance works, and also refurbishment works.

Visit our Contact page for Labtech new location and contact details.

ETR and ICR Buildings for Tecnicas Reunidas

Specialist Services has successfully completed the ETR and ICR Buildings project awarded by Tecnicas Reunidas

Tecnicas Reunidas (TR) awarded Specialist Services the contract for the supply of an Electrical Technical Room (ETR) and an Instrument Control Room (ICR) to be used on the ADOC’s Hail Oil Field offshore Abu Dhabi.

Project: Supply of ETR and ICR buildings for Hail Oil Field Development Project
Client: Tecnicas Reunidas
End User: Abu Dhabi Oil Company – ADOC
Location: Hail Oil Field offshore Abu Dhabi
Project Completion: 17th April 2017
ETR dimensions: (L) 34 x (W) 11 x (H) 10.8 m
ICR dimensions: (L) 21 x (W) 8.3 x (H) 9.4 m

Project requirements

Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADOC) intend to develop the Hail Oil Field located approximately 10km South of Mubarraz Island in the shallow water areas of the Arabian Gulf and 100km West of Abu Dhabi. This development aims to achieve a peak in oil production of 21,000 BPD from the Hail Oil Field. The oil shall be produced from the Thamama Zone A, B and F reservoirs and require some gas injection and gas lift for oil recovery. Tecnicas Reunidas (TR) had been awarded a project of the Hail Oil Field development Early Production Scheme (EPS) phase.

In order to facilitate the above, the prefabricated containerised type Electrical Technical Room (ETR) and Instrument Control Room (ICR) were required and TR awarded the project to Specialist Services. The scope of work included design, engineering, manufacturing, installation of equipment, interconnection cabling, inspection, testing, pre-commissioning, packing, shipping and supply of ETR and ICR buildings.

The buildings were required to be prefabricated, self-contained, skid-mounted, factory manufactured, completely assembled, wired and tested at the factory prior to being mobilised to the site. Other requirements included the provision of the HVAC system, for the buildings mounted on skids in non-hazardous areas, false floors, HSSD and NOVEC Firefighting systems, a minimum of 2 hours fire rating for external walls, roof, floor and doors, and also to be blast-resistant.


The ETR and ICR buildings have been designed, manufactured and supplied in line with ADOC’s requirements. At the beginning, our engineering team worked exceptionally hard to engineer the solutions that would satisfy client’s specifications, and additional design change requests from the client were also successfully implemented during project execution.

The structural design of the buildings was frozen by the end of October 2016. Detailed engineering and fabrication had to be done in tandem to complete the project on time, as required by the contractor at Hail Field. We timely achieved this through close cooperation with the contractor and third party inspectors.

The project was challenging due to the unusual completion schedule for both buildings: 22 weeks for ICR and 26 weeks for ETR. Specialist Services Mussafah yard team in Abu Dhabi worked tirelessly for three months to complete the project in this short lead time, demonstrating outstanding dedication and excellent work.

In-land transportation of ETR to Mussafah Port Jetty was a major challenge due to its width and height. However, Specialist Services, together with their transporter, managed the operation well with proper planning and utmost care. Prior permissions from Abu Dhabi Municipality, Road Transport, Traffic and Mussafah Port authorities were obtained for smooth operations.


The project required complex engineering, coordination and construction due to the specific requirements related with existing interfaces and characteristics of the Hail Oil Field Terminal. A number of specifications and design changes were requested by the client, which resulted in additional works.

The pre-commissioning of the installed systems lasted around 20 days under close vigilance and inspection by TR, Mott MacDonald (PMC) and ADOC staff deployed at the Specialist Services yard in Abu Dhabi.

After a successful site acceptance test of the ETR and ICR buildings by TR and ADOC, these heavy structures were weighed using hydraulic jacks & load cells arrangement at the Specialist Services yard in Abu Dhabi. ICR weighing operation was carried out on 13th April 2017 using 10 load cells, while ETR used 18 load cells on 16th April 2017. ICR and ETR weighed 114 Ton and 237 Ton respectively.

We completed the project and handed it over to TR at Mussafah Port Jetty, Abu Dhabi, on 16th and 17th April 2017 in line with the agreed completion schedule. Both buildings were transported to Mussafah Port with the help of SPMTs in-land transportation.