Modular Building Refurbishment for ExLog

Specialist Services successfully completed the Refurbishment works of a 27ft modular building for ExLog

In October 2019, ExLog awarded Specialist Services the Refurbishment works for one of their 27ft modular buildings manufactured in 1998.

Client: ExLog
End User: ExLog
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Project Completion: January 2020

Project requirements

In August 2019, ExLog sent a requirement to Specialist Services for refurbishment works of a 27ft Zone II certified modular building and then awarded the project in October 2019, with a project timeline of 10 weeks. The unit was manufactured in 1998 by Labtech Services Limited in the UK, a Specialist Services Group Company since 2011.

The full scope of work was determined following a visual survey of the unit by a Specialist Services Engineer, which included the following:

  • Full external blasting and painting
  • Supply and installation of new logos
  • Supply and replacement of A60 door lock, door hinges and seal
  • Supply and installation of door closer
  • Repairs of B15 door and replacement of gasket
  • Repairs of Sink and cleaning of rested area
  • Supply and installation of window glass and repairs of frame
  • Replacement of emergency door lock and handle
  • Cleaning of emergency door rested area
  • Supply and replacement of drawer locks
  • Painting of metallic rusted drawers
  • MPI to be carried out by a third party along with inspection
  • Sling recertification
  • Replacement of MCT blocks
  • Complete testing of electrical and pressurisation system
  • Complete servicing of A/C system


Following the cabin delivery at the Specialist Services yard, after systems’ power on, a number of other required repairs have been identified. These included the failure of various A/C system components, fire & gas detection devices, and other areas. In addition, during the blasting and painting process, we identified further structural issues, which resulted in the required replacement of the A60 main door and emergency escape hatch.

Within the tight timeline, we worked closely with the Client for the additional works requirements, sourcing all additional material, and delivering the refurbished unit within the agreed deadline. The project has been completed in line with all the requirements and specifications.


The Client was very satisfied with the quality of our Refurbishment works, and with our project management skills used in the completion of all additional replacements and repairs without any delays. As a result, ExLog extended the order to carry out a variety of refurbishment works on four modular buildings. The refurbished unit is now being used by ExLog in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

CoverSix Modular Firing Range

CoverSix Shooting Training Range interior

Specialist Services have successfully completed a 2-lane x 15m CoverSix Modular Firing Range project

CoverSix Shooting-Training RangeSpecialist Services were awarded a contract to design, manufacture, install and commission a 2-lane x 15m CoverSix Modular Firing Range.

Project: CoverSix Modular Firing Range
Client: Confidential
End User: Confidential
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Project Completion: November 2019

Project Requirements

Specialist Services were awarded the project for the design and manufacture of a modular firing range with the following specifications:

  • 2 firing positions (lanes)
  • 15m firing distanceCoverSix Shelters
  • 100% ballistic containment with a Zero Surface Danger Zone
  • 100% fresh air ventilation system
  • Overhead retrievable targetry
  • Bullet Trap
  • Integration of judgemental / use-of-force simulation for laser and live fire training
  • Integration of visual and audio effects systems to create an immersive training environment


Specialist Services proposed a CoverSix Modular Firing Range (MFR), fully compliant with the specifications and requirements provided from the Client. The MFR consists of two (2) CSC certified modules, joined to create a 100% ballistically-contained indoor firing range, capable of supporting both static and tactical training exercises.

CoverSix Shooting Range Ballistic ContainmentBallistic Containment

To ensure ballistic containment of the CoverSix MFR, we utilized proven and successfully tested techniques, material, and equipment, which provide 360° ballistic containment with a zero surface and vertical danger zone (SDZ/VDZ). This was achieved through lining the interior walls, floor and ceiling with 12mm thick SSAB Hardox AR500 steel plates. We combined these with BSW Regupol E43 shredded rubber tiles, which were offset from the steel plate to prevent ricochet or backsplash towards the origin of fire, even in the event of a negligent discharge.

CoverSix Shooting Range Bullet TrapBullet Trap

The Client opted for a Granulated Rubber Bullet Trap, which is located directly behind the 15m target position, to capture the majority of rounds fired downrange. The bullet trap consists of a mild steel frame supporting a sheet steel platform, with a thick layer of rubber granules placed on top of the platform. The rubber granules provide a 60cm thick layer on the platform, which is positioned at an angle of 37 degrees. Due to the layer of rubber granulate, when rounds are fired into it, the friction between the granules and the rounds decelerates the rounds, bringing them to a complete stop.

CoverSix Shooting Range TargetryTargetry

Each of the MRF’s firing positions includes an overhead retrievable target. To enhance training value, the targets move 15 meters downrange, can be programmed to stop on time or in a preloaded scenario, and stop or move with intervals of 1m. To help create an immersive training environment, the targets also have back and front lighting, strobe and distraction lighting.

Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation

A key component of the MRF is the Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) system. The MFR was delivered with a pre-packaged and fabricated ACMV system, designed to ensure a minimum airspeed of 0.38m/s at 1.5m above finish floor level, and a laminar airflow along the length of the range with no eddies or backflow of ventilation air allowed. To comply with environmental regulations and best practices, the ACMV system was fitted with a three (3) stage filter system for the exhaust air. The system consists of MERV 6 – 2″ pleated pre-filters, MERV 14 stiff pocket bag filters, and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) 99.97% at 0.3- micron filters, ensuring that all contaminants and toxins generated during firing are not discharged into the atmosphere.


CoverSix Shooting Training Range interior

CoverSix Shooting Training Range exterior

CoverSix Shooting Range Interior lighting






The CoverSix MFR was delivered and successfully installed on the Client’s site in October 2019. Commissioning was undertaken in conjunction with the Client and the MFR was declared fully operational in early November 2019.

Reinstatement and Modification of Portable Accommodation Modules for Sea Trucks Group

Reinstatement and Modification of Portable Accommodation Modules for Sea Trucks Group

In November 2016, Sea Trucks Group (STG) awarded Specialist Services the contract for the reinstatement and modification of the Accommodation Modules built for STG in 2014, to form a block 11 modules wide and 4 modules high.

Project: Reinstatement and Modification of Portable Accommodation Modules
Client: Sea Trucks Group
End User: INPEX
Location: Australian waters, 890km West of Darwin
Project Completion: 15th May 2017

Project requirements

Sea Trucks Group required reinstatement and modification works on the Accommodation Modules that Specialist Services manufactured and delivered to them in 2014. We have been awarded this reinstatement and modification job based on the excellent work we did on the 2014 project with a fast track execution, including a production schedule of all 48 modules reduced to 16 weeks. The new Accommodation Block was required to be modified in order to provide Accommodation, Locker Room, Washroom, Toilet, Office, Recreation and Conference facilities, accommodating up to 224 personnel on board. The modules were required to be connected to form a block 11 modules wide and 4 modules high.

Within the requirement, the existing Mess Room needed to be converted to a Gymnasium, and the Locker Room and Dry Store to be converted into Recreation Rooms. STG also required communication system upgrades, HVAC improvements, door and panel modifications, installation review and supply of required consumables for the new stacking arrangement, and supply of all materials required to complete the upgrade. Electrical engineering / drawing updates and a module stacking study were also required by STG for this project.


The project execution by Specialist Services has been carried out in line with STG requirements at the site in Batam, converting the Mess Room into a Gymnasium, and the Locker Room and Dry Store into Recreation Rooms, as per the drawings provided by the client.

Specialist Services team also completed the A/C drainage system upgrade, electrical and Fire & Gas interconnection cabling works, the provision of an Electrical Distribution Panel for each floor, as well as the upgrade of the communication system, which included the relocation of patch panels from outside the module into its interior and mounting required infrastructure to allow the installation of existing switches within the modules.

A total of 44 modules were installed on the Barge, connecting the modules to each other in rows of 11 modules with 4 stacking. The resulting Accommodation Facility was built in compliance with ABS guides for Portable Accommodation Modules and MLC (Maritime Labour Convention 2013).


In line with the project requirements, we provided a highly skilled team of specialists from our Dubai facility to manage the project and carry out the reinstatement and modification works at the client’s venue of choice, a shipyard in Batam, Indonesia.

The project was successfully completed by Specialist Services within the specified timeframe. At the end of the project were issued as built drawings incorporating all the modification works, and Specialist Services supported STG with the documentation requirements for obtaining an updated ABS certification.

The high quality modifications, upgrades and reinstatement works provided by Specialist Services resulted in comfortable living and working environments. All works have been completed to a very high standard and STG Management was very satisfied with Specialist Services’ team performance.

ETR and ICR Buildings for Tecnicas Reunidas

Specialist Services has successfully completed the ETR and ICR Buildings project awarded by Tecnicas Reunidas

Tecnicas Reunidas (TR) awarded Specialist Services the contract for the supply of an Electrical Technical Room (ETR) and an Instrument Control Room (ICR) to be used on the ADOC’s Hail Oil Field offshore Abu Dhabi.

Project: Supply of ETR and ICR buildings for Hail Oil Field Development Project
Client: Tecnicas Reunidas
End User: Abu Dhabi Oil Company – ADOC
Location: Hail Oil Field offshore Abu Dhabi
Project Completion: 17th April 2017
ETR dimensions: (L) 34 x (W) 11 x (H) 10.8 m
ICR dimensions: (L) 21 x (W) 8.3 x (H) 9.4 m

Project requirements

Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADOC) intend to develop the Hail Oil Field located approximately 10km South of Mubarraz Island in the shallow water areas of the Arabian Gulf and 100km West of Abu Dhabi. This development aims to achieve a peak in oil production of 21,000 BPD from the Hail Oil Field. The oil shall be produced from the Thamama Zone A, B and F reservoirs and require some gas injection and gas lift for oil recovery. Tecnicas Reunidas (TR) had been awarded a project of the Hail Oil Field development Early Production Scheme (EPS) phase.

In order to facilitate the above, the prefabricated containerised type Electrical Technical Room (ETR) and Instrument Control Room (ICR) were required and TR awarded the project to Specialist Services. The scope of work included design, engineering, manufacturing, installation of equipment, interconnection cabling, inspection, testing, pre-commissioning, packing, shipping and supply of ETR and ICR buildings.

The buildings were required to be prefabricated, self-contained, skid-mounted, factory manufactured, completely assembled, wired and tested at the factory prior to being mobilised to the site. Other requirements included the provision of the HVAC system, for the buildings mounted on skids in non-hazardous areas, false floors, HSSD and NOVEC Firefighting systems, a minimum of 2 hours fire rating for external walls, roof, floor and doors, and also to be blast-resistant.


The ETR and ICR buildings have been designed, manufactured and supplied in line with ADOC’s requirements. At the beginning, our engineering team worked exceptionally hard to engineer the solutions that would satisfy client’s specifications, and additional design change requests from the client were also successfully implemented during project execution.

The structural design of the buildings was frozen by the end of October 2016. Detailed engineering and fabrication had to be done in tandem to complete the project on time, as required by the contractor at Hail Field. We timely achieved this through close cooperation with the contractor and third party inspectors.

The project was challenging due to the unusual completion schedule for both buildings: 22 weeks for ICR and 26 weeks for ETR. Specialist Services Mussafah yard team in Abu Dhabi worked tirelessly for three months to complete the project in this short lead time, demonstrating outstanding dedication and excellent work.

In-land transportation of ETR to Mussafah Port Jetty was a major challenge due to its width and height. However, Specialist Services, together with their transporter, managed the operation well with proper planning and utmost care. Prior permissions from Abu Dhabi Municipality, Road Transport, Traffic and Mussafah Port authorities were obtained for smooth operations.


The project required complex engineering, coordination and construction due to the specific requirements related with existing interfaces and characteristics of the Hail Oil Field Terminal. A number of specifications and design changes were requested by the client, which resulted in additional works.

The pre-commissioning of the installed systems lasted around 20 days under close vigilance and inspection by TR, Mott MacDonald (PMC) and ADOC staff deployed at the Specialist Services yard in Abu Dhabi.

After a successful site acceptance test of the ETR and ICR buildings by TR and ADOC, these heavy structures were weighed using hydraulic jacks & load cells arrangement at the Specialist Services yard in Abu Dhabi. ICR weighing operation was carried out on 13th April 2017 using 10 load cells, while ETR used 18 load cells on 16th April 2017. ICR and ETR weighed 114 Ton and 237 Ton respectively.

We completed the project and handed it over to TR at Mussafah Port Jetty, Abu Dhabi, on 16th and 17th April 2017 in line with the agreed completion schedule. Both buildings were transported to Mussafah Port with the help of SPMTs in-land transportation.

Indirect Water Bath Heater with Burner Management System

Specialist Services designed and delivered their first skid mounted process heater with SIL 2 rated Burner Management System for Zone II Hazardous Area installation

To provide our clients with solutions that increase the safety and efficiency of their operations, we have engineered and developed an innovative solution for Indirect Water Bath Heaters.

Project: Indirect Water Bath Heater
Location: Kuwait
Project Completion: January 2017

Project requirements

Within one of our latest projects for the provision of a process heater, our client required a gas fired indirect water bath heater along with a SIL 2 rated Burner Management System for Zone II, II A, T3 Hazardous Area installation.

The Burner Management System (BMS) is a safety solution, which is used to start up, monitor and shut down process burners in industrial applications. The complete heater along with the BMS was required to be mounted on a modular skid for ease of transportation. Usually, control systems are placed in air-conditioned rooms in a safe area, but in this case, the site ambient condition was harsh and humid, which is not suitable for control system components.


Specialist Services designed, engineered and manufactured the indirect water bath heater together with the BMS, in line with all client requirements. The heater is fired by a classified explosion-proof industrial burner. Fuel to the burner is fed through a gas train certified for Zone II installation. The complete combustion, process monitoring and control is achieved through the skid mounted SIL 2 rated BMS.

To mitigate the harsh and humid site environment, the BMS was installed within a SS316 control panel with Z-type Purging and the internal components with conformal coating.


This was an innovative engineering project for Specialist Services, where the Hazardous Area Process Heater was provided with a skid mounted Burner Management System.

This new solution offers various benefits for our clients, including:

  • Increased safety and reliability: The BMS minimises the risk of venting natural gas, which could lead to unstable and dangerous situations. With the touch of a button the system can be started or stopped. The BMS also has an automatic shutdown in case of any fault detection, thus minimising risks and losses.
  • Improved efficiency: The BMS provides an increase in process heater efficiency as well as a decrease of unplanned shutdowns.
  • Ease of monitoring and control: Complete process monitoring and control can be done through the HMI screen, while all process details can be shared with the DCS (client control system).
  • Environmental benefits: Aside from the obvious environmental threat from a natural gas explosion, with the use of the BMS, the burner’s increased efficiency reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

With one of the Specialist Services core values being to pursue quality and safety in all aspects of our work, this innovative solution represents a further confirmation of our exceptional engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

77-module 150 man TLQ complex for Zakher Marine

Specialist Services designed and delivered their single largest rental contract till date for temporary living quarters (TLQ)

Zakher Marine International awarded Specialist Services a rental contract to deliver a 150 man, ABS certified TLQ complex for a minimum contract duration of 615 days.

Project: 77-module Temporary Living Quarters Complex
Client: Zakher Marine International
End User: Zakum Development Company (ZADCO)
Location: QMS Pearl jack up barge offshore Abu Dhabi
Project Completion: The project was handed over to the client on 1st September 2016

Project requirements

Zakher Marine required from Specialist Services the supply and installation of a TLQ solution designed to accommodate 150 POB, complete with a stairwell and walkway system on a minimal laydown area on the QMS Pearl Platform. The client specified A60 as the required fire rating for the modular complex in addition to required ABS certification for all modules. Most of the units were required to be Accommodation Modules, while additional units were required to be used as recreation rooms.


Specialist Services supplied Zakher Marine with the TLQ complex in line with all of the Client’s requirements, including 75 Accommodation Modules and two modules combined to form a larger recreation room, all ABS certified. To comply with the quantity of units required, during the short lead time provided, Specialist Services manufactured 10 new units and received another 10 units from their Singapore facility.

The delivery of all units along with the fabricated stairway and walkway system from Specialist Services facility in Jebel Ali to the Client’s site in Abu Dhabi required multiple trailers in rotation. On site, Specialist Services personnel showed outstanding professionalism and technical know-how in coordinating with the Client and other contractors throughout the installation of the modules on board the platform.

A concentrated effort by Specialist Services experienced team was necessary to facilitate the level of up front detailed engineering and commercial input required by Zakher Marine. Specialist Services teams in Jebel Ali yard and on site in Abu Dhabi worked tirelessly for four weeks to complete the project in this short lead time, demonstrating outstanding dedication and excellent work.


The TLQ complex has been installed on board of Zakher Marine’s new QMS Pearl jack up barge in September 2016, to be used for accommodating ZADCO personnel offshore Abu Dhabi for the duration of this contract.

This is one of the largest TLQ projects in the world today, which was awarded to Specialist Services based on their ability to design, supply and certify this complex project with a delivery to site lead time of only four weeks.

Specialist Services showcased its market leading technical expertise and, more importantly, its high standards of professionalism and teamwork. With the outstanding job done by everyone involved, an appreciation letter was issued to Specialist Services by Zakher Marine, where the Client congratulated the team for their dedication, hard work and successful completion of the project.

The TLQ complex is currently on rental at the QMS Pearl jack up barge offshore Abu Dhabi.

Refurbishment of Accommodation Units

Labtech Services Limited successfully completed a refurbishment project with a high standard finishing that significantly increased the life-span of existing accommodation areas

In January 2015, an Aberdeen-based Drilling Company awarded Labtech Services Limited, a Specialist Services Group Company, a contract for upgrade and refurbishment of office spaces, mud laboratories and recreation areas on-board their drilling rig during the quayside visit to Invergordon.

Project: Refurbishment of Accommodation Areas
Client: Aberdeen-based Drilling Company
Location: Drilling rig offshore Shetland – North Sea
Project Completion: 17th May 2015

Project requirements

In January 2015, at the request of the client’s Rig Manager, Labtech was given the opportunity to supply two outfitters to carry out a destruct programme on-board the drilling rig, during the rig tow from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Invergordon, Rosshire. During the destruct programme, the client requested a full survey and report of the current status within the accommodation. Labtech submitted a full report with budgets and recommendations for upgrades of office spaces, mud laboratories and recreation areas.

The project timeline was set at 6 weeks and one of the key elements of the project was that the client had to have confidence in Labtech to complete the execution of the project prior to the rig sail-out.


Labtech executed surveys for each area and provided regular estimates of labour and materials quotations, designs, discussed changes, procured materials and delivered the complete scope on site. Due to the limited timescale of this project, the Labtech team ensured that the procurement of materials, work packs and labour resource was in place for the arrival of the rig at Quayside.

Following the extension of the project timeline to a total of 18 weeks, Labtech scope of work grew considerably with additional areas identified and requiring refurbishment. In addition to the original scope, and at the request of the client, following the high standard of finish to the original areas, Labtech were given the opportunity of increasing the scope of work with a further 5 areas for refurbishment during the extended period at Quayside.

Bespoke furniture such as workstations has been manufactured for the required upgrades and refurbishment, together with lighting, ceiling, wallcoverings and flooring, all of which had to be on site within the required timeframe and with high quality finishing.

Surveys and quotations have been completed and submitted to the client almost on a daily basis in order to progress with additional requirements. Labtech management travelled each week to site in order to liaise with client about all requirements and work progress.

Accommodation units – before:                                                 Accommodation units – after:

Mud Laboratory – before:                                                           Mud Laboratory – after:

Mud Logging Laboratory – before:                                             Mud Logging Laboratory – after:

Cinema / Smokers Room – before:                                             Cinema / Smokers Room – after:


During the time at Quayside, the 7 man offshore fit-out team worked diligently ensuring that the scope was carried out as per client’s specification to a high standard, in a safe manner resulting in over 5800 man-hours without incidents / accidents.

The high quality refurbishment work provided the client with more comfortable living and working environments as well as a significantly increased life-span of their current accommodation areas.

All areas identified by the client, that were subsequently quoted and accepted, have been completed to a very high standard prior to the rig departing Invergordon, throughout the project assistance from the client’s personnel on-board and management staff during the upgrades has been excellent.

Bespoke Permit Office and Tea Shack

Specialist Services Group designed and delivered a bespoke rental solution for a Permit Office and a Tea Shack to be used on an accommodation vessel in the North Sea

In July 2014, Specialist Services was awarded a rental contract to deliver a Permit Office and a Tea Shack to support their client’s operation on an accommodation vessel in the North Sea for a period of 6 months.

Project: Permit Office and Tea Shack
Location: Accommodation vessel in the North Sea
Project Delivery: August 2014
Rental Period: 180 days

Project requirements

Specialist Services received a rental order from a client through Labtech Services Limited, a Specialist Services Company based in Aberdeen. The requirement included four 20ft office units to be converted into two bespoke units: a permit office and a tea shack.


The project was extremely complex in terms of deliverables for this multi-room, joined and pressurised hazardous area certified module.

In line with the client’s requirements and specifications, Specialist Services designed and modified four of their standard 20ft A60 office modules, by combining two 20ft modules as double-wide modular units, constructed to provide the permit office and tea shack. The modifications on the four modules were executed whilst maintaining all of the modules existing ATEX, DNV, A60 and CSC certification.


This was the first order Specialist Services received from the client and they had committed to an extremely short lead time of only 2 weeks. Due to the close coordination between Labtech and Specialist Services projects, engineering and production across all disciplines, the project was seamless in the execution phase and everything was successfully completed on time.

20 Man Accommodation Extension for SBM

Specialist Services has successfully completed the 20 man accommodation extension project awarded by SBM

On 2nd May 2013, SBM awarded Specialist Services the contract for EPC works for the 20 Man Accommodation module to be installed on a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) for deep-water exploration and production offshore Brazil.

Project: 20 Man Accommodation Module for BC-10 ESP Rig-less Intervention System (RIS) Project
Client: SBM Malaysia
End User: Shell Global
Location: Victoria, Brazil
Project Completion: 19th September 2014

Project requirements

SBM had been awarded a project for the implementation of a vertical intervention approach utilizing a purpose built intervention facility mounted on to the BC-10 FPSO production facility. The function of the Rig-less Intervention System (RIS) is to facilitate replacement of worn or failed caisson based artificial lift systems deployed in the BC-10 field.

In order to facilitate the above, an additional modular accommodation for 20 persons was required and SBM awarded the project to Specialist Services. The scope of work included engineering, construction, outfitting, installation of equipment, testing and pre-commissioning of the 20 man modular accommodation. The project was required to be installed on the FPSO meeting the necessary interfaces with the existing accommodation block as well as the vessel itself.


The 20 man accommodation extension was engineered as five separately constructed but formable A60 rated modular accommodation units, each comprising two 2 man cabins with individual toilet / shower facility, split A/C unit, lockers, life jackets, desk, chair and a sofa. The project also included the supply of a sewage treatment plant module (STP), a potable water skid, a 1 meter high master skid as a foundation for the accommodation and STP modules, a walkway enclosure to protect the entrance walkways against blast and vertical and horizontal bumpers to facilitate installation offshore.

In line with SBM’s requirements, the modular accommodation has been designed and manufactured taking into account the essential interfaces between the unit and the existing accommodation block as well as between the unit and the vessel. Considered interfaces included fresh water, sewage, ventilation, electrical power and control systems, personnel access, fire detection and safety.

The accommodation unit is A60 certified with the design review and product certification approved by ABS. The modular accommodation with all installed equipment is compliant with:

  • Hazardous Area Classification – Class I Zone 2, Gas Group IIA
  • Brazilian regulatory compliance (NR13, NR 30 and NR 10)
  • ABS class rules Guide for Crew Habitability on Offshore Installations
  • Bahamas regulations on crew accommodation
  • IMO resolution A.468 (XII), SOLAS Chapter III Regulation 9


The project required complex engineering, coordination and construction due to the specific requirements related with existing interfaces and characteristics of the FPSO production facility. A number of specification and design changes were requested by the end user, which required additional works for vertical and horizontal bumpers, Telecom / PA system installation, walkway enclosure and other elements that were added to the contract during the project execution.

The pre-commissioning of the installed systems lasted around 50 days under close vigilance and inspection by the end user deployed in Specialist Services yard in Abu Dhabi. After successful site acceptance test of the accommodation module by SBM and Shell, the module was weighed and loaded out from the waterfront facility in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi on 19th September 2014.

The modules are planned to be installed and integrated on the Shell Global BC-10 FPSO Espirito Santo, Brazil offshore by March 2015.

The accommodation modules will cater to meet the additional capacity of persons that will be on board during the intervention function of the RIS on the BC-10 field.

24 Module Multi-Purpose TLQ Complex for Gulf Drilling International

Specialist Services designed and delivered a 24 module 46 man multi-purpose temporary living quarters (TLQ) complex on a rental basis for Gulf Drilling International

Gulf Drilling International (GDI) awarded Specialist Services a rental contract to deliver a 24 module, multi-purpose, DNV certified TLQ complex to support their operations in Qatar with minimum rental contract duration of 18 months.

Project: GDI Dixie Patriot Temporary Living Quarters Complex
Client: Gulf Drilling International
End User: Dolphin Energy
Location: Qatar
Project Completion: The project was handed over to the client within 2 months from the contract award

Project requirements

GDI required from Specialist Services a multi-purpose TLQ solution designed to support accommodation for 46 POB, including a modular walkway system on a minimal laydown area. GDI had specified DNV as the class society for the TLQ certification and A60 as the required fire rating for the modular complex. Due to a high level of H2S gas concentration at the client’s operation location in Qatar, Specialist Services were required to install additional gas detection and dampers in and around the modular complex, tied back to a dedicated gas panel in the vessel’s bridge for monitoring.


In line with all of the client’s requirements, Specialist Services supplied GDI with a 24 module TLQ complex comprising of accommodation, gymnasium, recreation, conference and locker rooms, offices and medic facilities with a complete bolted walkway system, all designed around a fully modular installation.

Due to the size of the facility and the client’s specifications, some of the modules had to be modified from their standard 20’ footprint by combining two 20’ modules as double-wide modular units constructed to support the recreation room, gymnasium and conference room. This was the first time that joined modules were completed by Specialist Services from existing Modular Hire fleet assets. All of this was done whilst maintaining all of the modules existing DNV, A60 and CSC certifications.


The walkways for the TLQ complex were designed and constructed using a fully weld free bolting design for the first time and were fabricated and installed on site within a 3-week project lead time. Additional gas detection and dampers were installed in and around the modular complex, tied back to a dedicated gas panel in the vessel’s bridge for monitoring, as required by the client.


The Dixie Patriot has been contracted by Dolphin Energy to provide additional accommodation for client personnel working on upgrades to Dolphin Energy’s Qatar based natural gas platforms. The project was completed on site at Damen Shipyards, Hamriyah Port – Ajman on board the GDI Dixie Patriot Lift-boat within the tight lead time of only 3 weeks and in line with the sailing of the vessel to Qatar, which was to set sail to the end user in Qatar.

The TLQ complex is currently still on rental at GDI Dixie Patriot Lift-boat and includes 11 four man accommodation units, 2 one man accommodation units, 2 four man office units, a 10 man conference room, a gymnasium unit, a 2 bed sickbay unit, 2 locker units, a 28 seat TV room and a galvanised walkway system.


The completion of this accommodation complex signified the largest TLQ solution delivered until December 2012, installed and commissioned by Specialist Services for a rental contract. This project opened an entire new market for the business as a provider of complete turnkey temporary accommodation complexes on both long and short term contracts.