Labtech operates from new larger premises in Dyce with an increased Modular Hire fleet

Following an increasing demand for our modular buildings rental and support services, as well as Specialist Services Group’s acquisition of HB Rentals assets outside the US, Labtech Services Limited have relocated their facilities to larger premises in Aberdeen to accommodate an increased Modular Hire fleet.

“This change marks another important milestone at Labtech and Specialist Services Group. Despite this year’s challenging market conditions related to the Coronavirus crisis, we have witnessed an increased demand for modular building rentals, service, maintenance and refurbishment works. During the past four years, Labtech has been focused on providing modular offshore accommodation and office units for rental and service works, and in response to increased rental fleet and demands in Europe have now relocated to a larger facility in Aberdeen,” said Ian Rogers, Chief Executive Officer at Specialist Services Group.

The new facility is located in Unit 10 Wellheads Terrace, Wellheads Industrial Estate, Dyce, and includes office space for the Labtech team, a modern workshop for refurbishment, recertification and modification works, and an extensive hard standing yard for our Modular Hire fleet storage.

“We already have the highest specification and newest Office Module fleet available anywhere in Europe and have previously expanded our fleet in Aberdeen, including our fully ABS compliant FLEX 33 Accommodation Modules in 2018. Our Modular Hire fleet now includes the recently acquired HB Rentals high quality assets, including a sizable quantity of 8 man offshore ABS certified accommodation modules. These units significantly increase our capacity to offer larger temporary living quarter solutions in Europe, Middle East and Asia,” said Chris Ridley, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Specialist Services Group.

The facility relocation will bring further benefits to Labtech and Specialist Services Group by providing a wider range of sought after Modular Hire units at competitive rates for immediate delivery, in addition to our responsive call out service and maintenance works, and refurbishment works.

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Latest Specialist Services article feature in OGN – Oil & Gas News

Innovation helps Specialist Services lead through challenging times

With a proactive approach, throughout these challenging times, Specialist Services has been continuously working on innovative solutions that maximise efficiency for our clients, while optimising costs, as clients are hugely price conscious in these uncertain times.

Ian Rogers, CEO, and Chris Ridley, Group Sales and Marketing Director, speak to OGN about the changes in demand in the Oil & Gas industry and the company’s proactive and innovative approach in addressing these changes to better serve our clients. They also discuss about the Specialist Services’ forward-thinking approach in addressing the increasing demands for specific products in other industries, such security and defence, renewables, vessels and others.

Within this ADNOC Review issue of OGN, Chris Ridley also talks about Specialist Services’ long-term call-off contract with ADNOC Offshore for all accommodation upgrades and refurbishment works for a period of five years.

While continuing our development and expansion in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, we have recently completed also the acquisition of rental assets from HB Rentals outside the Americas, which include offshore accommodation modules and Zone rated office modules. Leading through challenging times, we have no plans to slow down, as further growth and expansion strategies are already underway.

Find out more in the feature article available online.

Specialist Services acquires rental assets of HB Rentals outside the Americas

Further to the continuous development and expansion of Specialist Services Group in Europe, Middle East and Asia, this month we have completed the acquisition of rental assets of HB Rentals outside the Americas for an undisclosed sum.

HB Rentals have serviced their clients with this fleet of offshore accommodation modules and Zone rated office modules from their two locations in Aberdeen in the UK and Abu Dhabi in the UAE. “That geographic footprint, as well as their high quality assets, are very similar to our own rental fleet, but we believe in the value add of acquiring a sizable quantity of 8 man offshore ABS certified accommodation modules. These units significantly increase our capacity to offer larger temporary living quarter solutions in Europe, Middle East and Asia,” said Ian Rogers, Chief Executive Officer at Specialist Services Group.

Along with the rental assets comes a series of new and existing customers, who have been renting these modular buildings from HB Rentals. These assets, contracts and customers are now all part of the Specialist Services Group business since Monday, 12th October 2020.

Specialist Services founding Director, Philip Bond, concluded: “I am pleased that we have bought these assets from HB Rentals. This will strengthen our rental business and having done it in the current market conditions says a lot about Specialist Services Group and our team.”

Safe and Comfortable Living and Working Solutions for Offshore Drilling Rigs

Life on offshore drilling rigs has many challenges. On jack-ups, semisubmersibles, and drillships, your personnel works hard on a very restricted space and far away from home and their loved ones. But thanks to today’s technology, safety measures and modern solutions, you can create a more comfortable and safe living and working environment for your people. And we are here to help.

Safe and Comfortable Living Spaces

Who says comfort and luxury cannot be found offshore? Take a look at our FLEX series of linkable Accommodation Modules that incorporate luxury with all the stringent safety requirements offshore. Our FLEX series features the latest digital, communication and entertainment technology as a standard. Each bed includes an individual LCD TV with CAT 6, HDMI, USB and audio connectivity. USB ports are also available for mobile phone charging, as well as network sockets with Wi-Fi option for each room.

We know that safety offshore cannot be compromised, especially on offshore drilling rigs. Taking safety very seriously, all our modules are built to the latest marine requirements using IMO Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) as the primary guideline, but also using other guidelines, such as ABS and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) or individual Flag statutes, dependent upon specific project requirements. In addition, all our offshore modules are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to every mobilization, which is especially important during this COVID-19 period.

We know what we are doing. With over 38 years of experience in the industry and with one of the world’s largest A60 Modular Hire fleets, Specialist Services is ideally placed to advise you on a number of solutions to fit your specific offshore accommodation requirements. When your operations face new or unforeseen challenges, we are here to support you with convenient solutions for your temporary requirements.

From Single Units to Complete TLQ Solutions

In one of the world’s most tightly regulated industries operating in the harshest environmental conditions, you need safe and reliable accommodation solutions that will protect your personnel. All our units are flexible, linkable, upgradable and comfortable, and can therefore suit your exact project requirements. With easy ‘plug & play’ hook-up, our Accommodation, Utility and Office Modules can be hired as single units or as a complete complex.

1 to 12 Man Accommodation Modules

All of our certified offshore Accommodation Modules are designed to provide longevity and low maintenance service in the most demanding locations, whilst meeting the necessary safety requirements for offshore use. All our Accommodation Modules are A60, ABS, DNV 2.7-1 and CSC Certified Safe Area and come as standard size of ISO 20ft and 33ft. However, we pride ourselves in our flexibility to provide other size solutions where required.

Our FLEX 33 Accommodation Modules offer you a flexible bed space from 1 to 12 man. Each unit consists of a central corridor and two staterooms, accommodating 1 to 6 persons. Each stateroom provides distinctive floorplan flexibility including bunks, lockers and desk removal or addition to meet your project specific requirements for maximised space efficiency.

Designed to offer a flexible lay down solution with minimal footprint, with integrated corridors, FLEX 33 can be hired as single units or as a complete complex with the central corridor easily linking the units. In line with ABS and other international certification and safety requirements, the modules can be stacked up to 4 levels on floating installations and on a fixed platform. Compliant with the stringent ABS code, FLEX 33 has been engineered and built to provide comfort, safety and reliability, meeting the highest global specifications and standards for offshore applications.

Complemented by Utility Modules

For complete TLQ solutions, we complement our Accommodation Modules with certified offshore temporary Utility Modules. These come as standard size of ISO 20ft, but with our flexibility, we can provide also other size solutions where required. In addition, internal fit outs can be designed to meet your project specific requirements. Our A60 offshore Utility Modules range includes: Kitchen and Dining Modules, Freezer and Chiller Modules, Laundry and Ablution Modules, as well as Recreation and Fitness Modules.

Working Offshore in Our Office Modules

To fully support your offshore operations, we also provide a range of A60 offshore Office Modules, from 10ft to 33ft, as well as NORSOK units. Engineered and manufactured in house to the highest industry standards, all our Office Modules are designed to optimise workspace efficiency, meet environment and acoustic requirements, and house your specialist equipment and resources in a safe and comfortable environment. All units can be outfitted and modified to perform any number of functions to suit your specific project requirements.

Modular Walkway and Stairs System

Within TLQ Solutions, a safe and easy access to the various units is also very important. All Accommodation, Utility and Office Modules can be stacked through our walkway systems. With limited space available offshore and easy transportation in mind, we have developed a modular walkway and stairs system that can be transported in a 20ft container. Each piece can fit together to form different layouts, as per your requirements. This system compliments our Modular Hire packages as a complete solution for the needs of any TLQ project.

Full Turnkey Solution for Your TLQ Projects

For modular TLQ projects we also provide supply and installation at your site as a turnkey solution. Our teams have decades of experience and technical know-how in performing installation services in coordination with your personnel and other contractors on site. All of our certified offshore accommodation modules and facility support modules are designed to provide longevity and low maintenance service.

Contact us for more information. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you with your upcoming requirements.

48 Module 224 Man Accommodation Extension

Specialist Services announces the successful completion of the 48 module 224 man accommodation extension project for Sea Trucks Group within the agreed 16 weeks production period

In November 2013, Sea Trucks Group awarded Specialist Services the contract for a 48 module accommodation extension required on one of their DP3 offshore construction vessels deployed for accommodation support on the Arkutun-Dagi Project in Sakhalin, Russia.

Project: 48 module 224 man accommodation extension
Client: Sea Trucks Group
Project Completion: 5th March 2014

Project requirements

Sea Trucks Group required a temporary increase in capacity of the accommodation and associated facilities onboard of their offshore construction vessels to support the project in Sakhalin and has subcontracted the provision of the required 48 module 224 man accommodation extension to Specialist Services. With the project expected to commence in Q2 of 2014, an extremely tight production deadline of 16 weeks was agreed, with project completion by 5th March 2014. Considering the limited time available for the production and installation of the accommodation units, Sea Trucks Group has demonstrated a confidence in our capabilities to deliver this project on time. In fact Specialist Services ability to provide an overall solution for accommodation units on a sale and/or hire basis gave us a unique solution which assured the client that the installation was guaranteed to be completed on time.


The project was challenging from the very beginning with the production schedule reduced to 16 weeks and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) with ABS Ship Rules to be complied with. In order to complete the project on time, engineering and fabrication had to be done in tandem and this could be achieved only through the close cooperation between client, contractor and surveyor. Our in depth knowledge and experience in building such projects allowed us to take on such risk.


Our team worked exceptionally hard throughout all stages of this project. 50 staff and an average of over 200 men in the yards worked daily on the project during the production period, while the Engineering Team prepared and issued over 400 drawings to the client, ABS and shop floor. In the end we completed the project and handed it over to Sea Trucks Group in line with the agreed completion date with the units dispatched within 2 days to the Jebel Ali Port for shipping.



All 48 units are fully compliant to ABS, SOLAS A60 and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) requirement for Temporary Accommodation and have been completed in line with Sea Trucks Group requirements to be installed on the vessel in four levels. The accommodation extension includes 28 modules with 56 four man accommodation units, 6 modules with conference room and 10 four man office units, two recreation rooms, a galley and mess, as well as locker rooms, laundry units, common wet units, chiller and freezer units, dry stores and a linen store. The design was made to allow eased integration along with flexibility where these units are used. Design head of the structure will allow modules to be placed on Sea Trucks Group entire fleet of vessels and are not just project specific.

The installation of the accommodation extension on the vessel in Batam, Indonesia, has been completed end of May 2014.